Françoise Fraboul, DVM

Dr Fraboul is an expert toxicologist and a member of the European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX). Dr. Fraboul has more than 40 years of industrial experience in preclinical toxicology working in therapeutic areas as diverse as dermatology, oncology, inflammation, pain, neurology, and infectious disease. She has worked on small molecules, monoclonal antibodies, isomers, and plant extracts. She further offers expertise in pediatric drugs, combined product risks, rare diseases, and product repositioning,  


Dr. Fraboul was Director of Toxicology at the THERAMEX for over 10 years followed by a 15-year appointment as Senior Drug Safety Assessor at Pierre Fabre. Her expertise in human drug toxicology has positioned her as a key member of preclinical development teams defining and leading preclinical studies up to the prerequisites of Phase 1. She has had a leading role in the preparation of regulatory documents throughout the development of new chemical entities. These include FDA briefing documents, investigator brochures, pediatric investigator procedures, and product information requirements (RCP). Her expertise includes toxicological qualification of novel impurities according to ICH, EMA, or national safety-based guidelines for the evaluation of drug safety.